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Peter H. Diamandis, a leading space entrepreneur, has played a major role in the development of the personal spaceflight industry through the creation of space-related businesses and organizations. He is the founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of the X PRIZE Foundation, an educational non-profit prize institute that awards the Ansari X PRIZE for private sector manned suborbital spaceflight. It is modeled after the aviation prizes of the 1920s and 1930s that contributed so significantly to the development of the aviation industry. He is also the co-founder (with Eric Anderson) and a director of Space Adventures, Ltd., a private space travel and tourism company that has flown private citizens on Soyuz, the Russian space craft, to and from the International Space Station and is developing commercial spaceports in the United Arab Emirates and in Singapore. In addition, Dr. Diamandis serves as the CEO of Zero Gravity Corporation, a commercial space company developing private, FAA-certified parabolic flight utilizing Boeing 727-200 aircraft. He recently co-founded the Rocket Racing League, which is developing a new motor sport that combines features of Indy car racing and rocket powered flight. A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he studied molecular biology as an undergraduate. He then spent two years as a research affiliate at the MIT Whitehead Biomedical Institute and in its department of applied biology. He did further research at the NASA Johnson Space Laboratory and the MIT Man-Vehicle Laboratory and earned a master’s degree in aeronautics and astronautics at MIT in 1987. Dr. Diamandis went on to take an M.D. at Harvard Medical School in 1989 while also doing graduate work in health sciences and technology at MIT. Two years earlier, he had founded the International Space University (ISU), an institution in Strasbourg, France, offering graduate level courses, and served as its first managing director and chief executive officer. He returned as co-chair of ISU’s business and management department from 1990 to 1992 and currently serves as a trustee. He was awarded an honorary doctorate from ISU in 2005. Other space technology ventures with which he has been associated as a founder, director, or officer include International Microspace, Inc., a company providing low-cost launch service, Constellations Communications, Inc., a company designing a low-Earth orbit satellite constellation for voice telephony, CTA, Inc., a company developing small satellite remote sensing and communication tools, Angel Technologies Corporation, a company developing wireless broadband communications networks, BlastOff! Corporation, a company that designed the first private mission to land on the moon, and Desktop.tv, a company that designed a global peer-to-peer television network for broadcasting space-related content to personal computers. A former director of the National Space Society, Dr. Diamandis has been recognized for his contributions to space technology by many awards, including the Arthur C. Clarke Award for Innovation, the Neil Armstrong Award for Aerospace Achievement and Leadership, the Wired RAVE Award, the inaugural Heinlein Award, the Lindbergh Award, the World Technology Award presented by the World Technology Network, Russia’s Konstantine Tsiolkovsky Award, the Top-25 Young Stars of Space Award presented by the National Space Society, the Space Foundation’s Pioneer Award, and the Aviation Week and Space Technology Laurel. He holds four patents.

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