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An associate professor of theoretical physics at the University of Thessaloniki, Argyris Nicolaidis conducts research in the areas of quantum chronodynamics, phenomenology of electroweak forces, neutrino astrophysics, cosmic rays, extra dimensions of space, and string and black hole dynamics. He earned his undergraduate degree with distinction from Thessaloniki and was awarded an Alexander McFee Scholarship and a National Research Council of Canada Scholarship for graduate study at McGill University, where he took a Ph.D. in theoretical physics in 1978. After post-doctoral work at the Collège de France, he joined the physics faculty at Thessaloniki and was appointed to his present position in 1987. Dr. Nicolaidis has held a Fulbright Scholarship, as well as a France-Quebec Scholarship, an IN2P3 Scholarship awarded by the Collège de France, and a Joliot-Curie Scholarship awarded by École Polytechnique in Paris. He is the recipient of the Empirikion Prize for the Natural Sciences. A member of the scientific councils of NESTOR (Institute of Deep Sea Research, Technology, and Astroparticle Neutrino Physics) and of EUSO (Extreme Universe Space Observatory), he is also a member of the board of advisors of the John Templeton Foundation. Dr. Nicolaidis has been the co-organizer of international conferences on science, philosophy, and religion and was co-organizer of the 2002-2004 "Cosmos in Science and Religion" project at Thessaloniki. A member of the editorial advisory board of the European Journal of Science and Theology, he is the author or co-author of more than fifty scientific papers and the author of a book on elementary particles published in Greek.