Dr. Andrei Linde

Dr. Linde is one of the authors of the inflationary cosmology, a theory that has revolutionized cosmology, and of the theory of cosmological phase transitions. In a startling new set of calculations, he and his physicist wife, Renata Kallosh, have proposed that our universe, which scientist believe began with a Big Bang, will collapse and end with a Big Crunch in something like the next 10 billion years. Dr. Linde tries to understand the complexities of the cosmos from clues hidden in distant exploding stars, in the echoes of the universe's earliest instants, and in the tangled equations of relativity and space-time. His work has been recognized by the Lomonosov Award of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Oskar Klein Medal in Physics, and, most recently, the 2002 Dirac Medal of the Abdus Salem International Center for Theoretical Physics.