Adam Zeman is professor of cognitive and behavioral neurology at Peninsula Medical School and the School of Psychology at the University of Exeter. His clinical work and research focus on the neurology of cognition, including neurological disorders of sleep. He currently investigates amnesia associated with epilepsy, the cognitive and neuropsychiatric consequences of cerebellar disease, and disorders of visual imagery. He also has written on the science and philosophy of consciousness. Educated at the Westminster School and Magdalen and Merton Colleges, Oxford, he earned a bachelor of arts degree in psychology and philosophy followed by bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery degrees in 1984 at Oxford University Medical School. After serving as a senior house officer at the John Radcliffe Hospital and the Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford, he took further specialized training in London at Guy's Hospital, St. George's Hospital, and St. Thomas Hospital, receiving MRCP certification in 1987 and qualifying for a doctorate in medicine from Oxford in 1994. Dr. Zeman served as a registrar at Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield and at the Radcliffe Infirmary before being appointed a clinical lecturer in neurochemistry at UCL (University College London) Institute of Neurology in 1990. Appointed registrar in neurology at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London in 1993, he became the first senior registrar in neurology jointly at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge and at Norfolk and Norwich Hospital in Norwich the next year. In 1996, he became consultant neurologist at Western General Hospital in Edinburgh and St. John's Hospital in Livingston, Scotland, as well as a honorary senior lecturer and later reader in neuroscience at Edinburgh University. Dr. Zeman took up his present position in 2005 and now also serves as honorary consultant neurologist at the Royal Devon and Exeter Foundation Trust. He is a former chair of the British Neuropsychiatry Association and currently serves on the steering committee for the International Congress on Epilepsy, Brain and Mind. A fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), he is on the editorial board of the RCP's Clinical Medicine. Dr. Zeman has published some one hundred papers in scientific journals or in volumes of collected works and is the author of Consciousness: A User's Guide (2002), in which he demonstrates the intricate and systematic correspondences between neural events and human experiences—and reflects on the meaning of the relationship, and A Portrait of the Brain, a highly-praised book for general readers published by Yale University Press in 2008, in which he weaves together case histories and concepts and discoveries in neuroscience, leading to a consideration of what the brain's behavior and misbehavior tells us about the human self as a physical system, living creature, and conscious mind. His newest book, edited with Narinder Kapur and Marilyn Jones-Gotman, Epilepsy and Memory: The State of the Art, is forthcoming from Oxford University Press.