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Professor of psychology emerita at the University of Toronto at Mississauga, Sandra E. Trehub has spent more than three decades studying infant listening skills, particularly as they relate to music, as part of an ongoing investigation of developmental and cross-cultural similarities in human musical ability. In addition to her research on auditory perception, she has explored the nature of maternal singing in the course of care-giving, an activity that seems to be universal, with the aim of identifying cultural similarities and differences and of determining the effect of singing on infant listeners. Dr. Trehub is a graduate of McGill University where she earned both her baccalaureate degree and a Ph.D. in psychology in 1973. She then joined the Toronto psychology faculty as an assistant professor and was named a full professor in 1983, a position she held until her retirement five years ago. Her research has been supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), and the Canadian Institutes for Health Research. An invited fellow of the British Psychological Society, she is the recipient of a Creative Talents Award given by the American Institutes for Research and a SSHRC fellowship. She has delivered invited lectures throughout North America, as well as in South America, Europe, and Asia. Dr. Trehub serves as a consulting editor to Music Perception, Music Scientiae, and Psychology of Music. She has published some 140 papers in scientific journals or in volumes of collected works and is the co-editor of three books, (with F.I.M. Craik) Aging and Cognitive Processes (1982), (with Gerald Young, Carl M. Corter, and Sidney J. Segalowitz), Manual Specialization and the Developing Brain (1983), and (with B.A. Schneider) Auditory Development in Infancy, which was published in 1985 by Plenum Press.

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