Director of the Center for Theological Inquiry (CTI), an independent institute for interdisciplinary research in the field of religion in Princeton, New Jersey, William Storrar has promoted the practical and collaborative engagement between church and society for more than three decades. His own work in public theology has led him to search for ways in which Christians can transform culture both locally and globally, and he also has contributed to the dialogue between science, particularly neuroscience and biology, and Christian theology. Educated at the University of Edinburgh, where he went on to earn a Ph.D. in practical theology in 1993, he was ordained a minister in the Church of Scotland in 1984 and served for eight years as a parish minister in Glasgow and Carluke. Dr. Storrar convened the Board of Ministry of Scotland’s national church as well as Common Cause, a Scottish civic forum. In 1992, he was appointed a lecturer in practical theology at the University of Aberdeen and subsequently at the University of Glasgow, where he was named a senior lecturer in 1998. He returned to Edinburgh as professor of Christian ethics and practical theology in 2000, and for the next five years, he also directed the university’s Center for Theology and Public Issues (CTPI), where he initiated an interdisciplinary research agenda on local and global citizenship and civic society. He was the co-founder and remains a distinguished advisor of the Global Network for Public Theology. Dr. Storrar accepted his current appointment at CTI in 2005. He also serves as an extraordinary professor of the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa and as Magnusson Fellow and a visiting professor at Glasgow Caledonian University. He is an elected member of the International Academy of Practical Theology and the American Theological Society and a member of the advisory board of the Institute for the Study of Religion, Culture and Society at the Free University in Amsterdam and the Centre for Theology and Public Issues at the University of Otago in New Zealand. Formerly co-editor of the Public Concern series published by CTPI and Saint Andrew Press, Dr. Storrar currently chairs the editorial board of the International Journal of Public Theology and serves on the editorial advisory board of the Research in Contemporary Religion series published by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, as well as on the editorial board of the International Journal of Public Theology and the advisory boards of Neue Zeitschrift fűr Systematische Theologie und Religionsphilosophie and HTS Theological Studies. In addition to publishing papers in scholarly journals and volumes of collected works, he is the editor (with Iain R. Torrance) of Human Genetics: A Christian Perspective (1995), (with Peter Donald) of God in Society: Doing Social Theology in Scotland Today (2003), (with Andrew Morton) of Public Theology for the 21st Century (2004), (with Peter J. Casarella and Paul Louis Metzger) of A World for All? Global Civil Society in Political Theory and Trinitarian Theology (2011), and (with Katie Day and Esther McIntosh) of Yours the Power: Faith-Based Organizing in the USA, a collection of essays published in 2013 by Brill, that critically examines the philosophical assumptions, methodology, and likely future of the efforts of people of faith to join with others in seeking social change. Dr. Storrar is also the author of Scottish Identity: A Christian Vision (1990).